The pearlfarm

Growing irresistible concepts

The Pearlfarm

The pearlfarm presents to you a natural way to create irresistible concepts. The concepts grow fluently within teams just as pearls grow inside oysters.

The pearlfarm process is designed for teams who wish to develop concepts that are deep within their hearts. It draws on your personal values and aspirations combined with concept development and poetic imagination. This intuitive process captures metaphorical thinking in its core.

The pearlfarm is a hands-on way of dealing with environmental complexity and stay attuned to your core purpose. It guides you sensibly through a process in which your team - the oyster - and the growing concept - the pearl - are deeply connected. It helps you to bring your own creative concept into existence layer by layer.

We do

Inspirational talks

We enlighten your audience
on growing concepts as pearls.


We set the scene and guide your team
through the process towards irresistible concepts.

Pearlfarm classes

We teach you all the aspects
of successful concept growing.

Concept creation

We create irresistable concepts for you.

"In classical Sanskrit pearls were named Mukta, which means purified, released, liberated,
alluding to the spirit of the mollusc that wants to escape and solidify as a pearl."

To be expected
in 2018!

The book

Danielle has been a lecturer specializing in concept development for more than 10 years. She feels a growing need to revisit concept development by introducing metaphors into the core of the process. Igor wants to redesign creative processes away from linear and mind-oriented towards circular; more connected with self, people, organizations and nature. Liesbeth is eager to apply insights from complexity sciences and Imagineering into real life processes and organizations.

The journey

We started a journey to rethink the nature of concept development and soon it became obvious that our own process was the core of our topic. We explored how excellent teams operate and how strong concepts emerge as a result. We substantiated links between complexity, natural processes, metaphorical thinking, implicit knowledge and concept development.

The metaphor of ‘The pearlfarm’ came to mind during an exercise. We dived deeply into the knowledge of pearl farming in French Polynesia and discovered a myriad of similarities conveying the way we felt concept development should be conducted. Liesbeth worked for a whole summer on a pearl farm on the Ahe Atoll in the Pacific to gain insights.

The shore

The pearlfarm process shines a fresh light on literature and the practice of developing concepts. It originates from a vision that reality is complex, interwoven and connected. A qualitative process which will generate concepts to harmonize with its context. Persons and teams in totally different settings confirm that this process has been valuable to them and brought specific concepts in tune with their hearts and environment.

The pearlfarm book is the pearl of our own development process. We sincerely hope you will discover its beauty and that beautiful pearl concepts will emerge from you and your team. Please let us know your details if you would like to be informed when the manual is released.

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We are

Igor Byttebier

Igor Byttebier

Igor has been a creativity trainer for COCD and is the author of the bestselling book Creativiteit Hoe?Zo! Within new shoes today he focused on facilitating teams and organizations towards breakthrough results. He now specializes on radical innovation for society.

Danielle Cuppens

Danielle Cuppens

Danielle studied at the Gerrit Rietveld Academie and with Christian Boltanski in Paris. Later on she developed artistic concepts for the Art & Engagement Foundation. She is a senior-lecturer in creativity and concept development at the HKU Utrecht University of the Arts and facilitator at LEF Future Center of Rijkswaterstaat.

Liesbeth Debruyn

Liesbeth Debruyn

Liesbeth worked as an IT analyst and project leader. She created concepts, costumes and sets for different theater companies. Currently she has a career in education and combines this with complex systems thinking concerning organizational development and social innovation. Her passion for pearls was awakened while working at Kamoka, a pearl farm in the middle of the Pacific.


The Netherlands - Utrecht
Belgium - Antwerp and Ghent